Loving the Poor in Jerusalem

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Hisheartmin.tv Launch

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Thank you for all the prayers, encouraging words and gifts and pledges of support so far!

Are You Willing To Stop For the One In Your Community?


“The weapons of our warfare are faith, hope and love. Let’s use them to destroy the enemy’s hold of fear, hopelessness, and hate in Jerusalem.”

This page is to raise support for a mission trip with IRIS GLOBAL – His Heart Ministries to launch hisheartmin.tv to bring you the real Jerusalem, Israel.

His Heart Ministries – Jerusalem put out a request for interns in Decemeber 2015 to bring the human resources and funds necessary to sustain and grow the ministry to expand and aid more of the poor.

  • Ever wonder what life is like for the poorest of the poor?
  • Do you want to bring life to them today?
  • Do you want to be involved with work of eternal value?

By sharing the good news of how the love of God is transforming communities, we will be combating fear-based media and the boycotting of Israel which is hurting the poorest of the poor, not the politicians that make the policies.

Along with the humanitarian aid which His Heart Ministries already provides…


You can give securely through Paypal:

You can message me personally if you want more information about the trip or would like to give in person, by check or otherwise. (Several friends have chosen this option.) Please contact me ASAP because I fly out to Israel on February 20, 2016.

Thank you so much for giving and partnering with me and His Heart Ministries to show the Father’s heart to the forgotten ones of Jerusalem.

The seed that you have sown in love today will endure after the world fades. Thank You for helping me fulfill my calling to share the Gospel in word and deed in Jerusalem.

God let me experience failing to raise funds be an English teacher (missionary) in China many years ago because it was in His plans for me to develop a system to help other missionaries in the future.

What I Will Do for You All

While I am interning with IRIS Global – His Heart Ministries, I will be testing out the system (pictured below). And, I will return home with a portfolio of case studies and testimonials to market this new product (a four week course which will start at $397).

This is a blueprint of the Tent makers Formula. Ask for a copy of it.   I’ll send it to you.

After I have refined the system, which I am calling the Tent Makers formula by teaching it and tweaking it with IRIS Global staff, I will be sharing it all of you as a thank you.

my book
my book

Also, I recently published a book directly to Amazon called Faith that Moves Mountains: 9 Principles of How Faith Works which I have taken down to have professionally edited after I return. I will also be giving supporters a free copy of this book after it is ready.

Next Steps For Partners Only  (Insider Weekly Updates)

1. If you are on Facebook and we are not connected, let me know so I can send you a friend invite and put you in a private group for weekly updates from the trip (news, Hebrew study, supernatural evangelism, etc.)

2. Please fill out this short three question form, so I know how I can serve you: http://goo.gl/forms/jNssdRr33P

Hisheartmin.tv Launch

$10.00 of $2,400.00 raised

Choose the size of your gift above and click the donate button below. $50 is the partnership level.

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Donation Total: $50.00


How will you know the results of your gift?
I will be staying accountable to you by bringing you weekly video updates with highlights from supernatural evangelism training, and Hebrew classes.

Want more information about IRIS GLOBAL, HHM, or me?
I will provide additional info on request.
I have even created an informational brochure for you at: http://goo.gl/iqPTGa (CLICK the RED button)

Why does IRIS GLOBAL – Jerusalem need me?
I have curriculum development, social media and video production experience which I will be contributing to the launch of hisheartmin.tv

Want the whole story?
Read it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CHs8SpAiAhEh79FnCtU7IG3MPsXhhfXxmkKI-EfqW0o/pub